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IP telephony: Economical, multi-site, extensible.

In modern communication, the analogue fixed network no longer has any room for manoeuvre.

IP telephony is the future. Starface is one of the market
leaders in this field. The technologically modern, award-
winning IP telephone systems are leading the way in use
by SMEs and corporations.

• Stationary and DECT phones
• Can be used at several locations
• Starface UCC Client: Telephony on the PC, Mac & Smartphones
• Click-to-Dial, Presence, Instant Messenger

With Starface, users with a high volume of telephony traffic opt for a highly economical and scalable communication system. As a Certified Partner, we offer the complete portfolio of Starface telephony, from planning through initial installation and migration to maintenance.


Due to the expertise and training of our technicians for the Starface VOIP Engineer, we are certified as a Starface Advanced Partner.


Step by Step Migration

You want to change, but not everything and all at once? Then the gentle migration is a good decision. You expand the existing telephone system with IP components and gradually roll out the solution. Technically, that's no problem. In addition to Starface, old connections and lines can still be used until the complete conversion to ALL-IP.

With Starface you choose a dynamic provider. You can switch to larger models at any time according to your requirements. The licenses and settings are transferred accordingly - without extra effort, without additional costs.


Starface telephone systems can be expanded and integrated as required. The UCI interface allows connections to frequently used systems:

• Microsoft Outlook
• Microsoft Exchange & Office 365
• SugarCRM
• Salesforce
• Daylite
• Datev
• IBM Lotus Notes

If you require an individual solution, we develop a tailor-made connection to the systems you require. No matter if databases, address books, CRM systems or special software.



Der UCC Client verwandelt den PC oder Mac in eine performante Telefonzentrale. Sie können direkt mit dem PC telefonieren oder ihr Telefon mit dem UCC Client steuern. Technisch sind Sie damit auf dem gleichen Level wie
etablierte Call-Center.


• Drag & Drop
• Quick Access Bar
• Chat-Client
• Busy Lamp Field
• Softphone
• Receiving / displaying faxes
• Voicemail and recordings
• Call Manager
• Doorline / Webcam
• File Transfer


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