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The complete solution for core applications in business 

SWISS SECURIUM is a product of our sister company ALPEIN Software Swiss AG. The brand makes it easy for business users to securely and efficiently exchange, share, and manage data. 

Unique market position
Swiss Securium is the business-relevant complete solution for SMEs and Enterprises. Features: Outstanding and easy-to-use features, computing, storage and security. Content and images, data and documents can be sent encrypted via any device, can be edited with CloudSecurium, shared and managed on the Swiss Securium high security server. 

Safe, economical, smart - the integrated business solution
We offer a top security platform for file sharing, instant messenger, email services, cloud applications and password management. Includes simple administration interface for user administration, access rights, policies, VPN, and two-factor authentication. Everything at an attractive price-performance ratio.

The SWISS SECURIUM platform covers the full 

spectrum of communication and cooperation from:

  • Wiretap-proof voice and video telephony  
  • Encrypted Instant Messenger
  • Own e-mail service
  • Simple data exchange
  • Convenient password manager
  • Remote Desktop (optional)
  • Video conference tool

All data remains encrypted throughout and can only be viewed by the user. Enabled by redundant supply, backups, fibre optic connectivity and European hardware and software. 

Awarded as the most innovative IT solution 2017

The Initiative Mittelstand has awarded Swiss Securium 2017 one of the most innovative IT products in the category "Communication".

Further information can be found on our product pages:

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